United Jewish Federation hosts museum dinner

The United Jewish Federation of San Diego held a combined Major Gifts and Lion of Judah Dinner at the Museum of Natural History recently. It was the first time the two events were held simultaneously, and the museum was the perfect setting for that joint celebration. After all, the most comprehensive Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition in the world is currently ensconced at the Natural History Museum. And these relics are considered to be among the greatest archaeological treasures ever discovered.

Long-time La Jollans Rae and Ed Samiljan chaired the very special evening, which included a cocktail reception, dinner and a private viewing of the precious Scrolls. As they noted, “The Dead Sea Scrolls are the bridge to our past. This unique event showcases these 2,000-year-old manuscripts, which remain in use and largely unchanged today.”

There was a large local contingency among the 250 staunch supporters on hand. They included Sheila Potiker, Barbara Brown, the Viterbi family, Elaine and Murray Galinson, Teresa and Merle Fischlowitz, Andrea Oster, Brian and Danielle Miller and Richard and Lynn Gordon.