UCSD’S Sixth College celebrates Chocolate Festival


By Christine Clark


It was a chocolate-lover’s paradise at UCSD on May 1 as more than 700 students and staff celebrated Sixth College’s fifth annual Chocolate Festival. The event featured chocolate fountains, sweet and savory dipping treats and loads of chocolate-themed games and activities.

Students lined up to dip marshmallows, doughnuts and strawberries in free-flowing chocolate fountains. They also played games, such as “chocolate milk pong” and “chocolate jeopardy.”

“I think it’s one of the best festivals on campus,” Sixth College junior Daniel Caddel said. “Second only to Sungod.”

Caddel was one of the students who particularly enjoyed the Rice Crispy Treat decorating booth.

Other popular activities included a pie-throwing contest where Sixth College residents were challenged to aim, shoot and fire pies at their resident advisers.

“This is something different for students,” said Leonardo Heng, Sixth College resident adviser. “An event like this helps students relax and have fun. Who doesn’t like chocolate?”

Seven hundred students and staff attended last year’s Chocolate Festival and the event gets bigger and better every year, said Marciano Perez, Sixth College resident dean.

“This started out as a Sixth College Tradition, but it has become an opportunity for students across the campus to come together and interact with each other in this fun, social way,” Perez said.