UCSD students take to studying abroad


The UCSD ranks second nationally among major research universities sending students abroad for full-year programs, according to the 2006-2007 Annual Report of UCSD’s International Center.

Yeshiva University in New York ranks first.

Some 1,092 UCSD students studied abroad during 2006-2007 through the Programs Abroad advising services.

Currently, 21.5 percent of undergraduate students study abroad, and according to Lynn C. Anderson, dean of International Education and director of the International Center, UCSD’s goal is to see that half of its students have studied abroad by the time they graduate.

In one step toward achieving this goal, the Programs Abroad Office has established a new program called Global Seminars.

Led by UCSD faculty members, students will take UCSD courses in 5-week, 8-unit summer programs abroad. During its inaugural program this summer, 140 students will embark on global seminars in Rome and Sorrento, Italy; Paris, France; Cadiz, Spain; Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and San Jose, Costa Rica.

“Enrollment is expected to increase annually as word gets out about this study abroad option,” said Anderson.

International students at UCSD increased in number from 2,063 to 2,168 during 2006-2007, despite a national trend of declining numbers of international students experienced by many universities.

Anderson said UCSD hosted a total of 4,134 international students, researchers, and faculty members last year.