UCSD reports pregnancies from flash-frozen eggs

City News Service

A fertility center affiliated with UCSDo on Monday reported the first two pregnancies in San Diego County from flash-frozen human eggs.

The Reproductive Partners-UC San Diego Regional Fertility Center announced that two of three patients who underwent the procedure are now pregnant, one with twins.

The technique of freezing eggs is not new, but doing so with unfertilized eggs produced inconsistent results. In the new process, fertility experts place unfertilized eggs into liquid nitrogen at 196 degrees below zero until the mother is ready to conceive.

The flash-freezing process protects the egg as it is warmed.

One of the pregnant patients, San Diego resident Shannon Taylor, said she and her husband are ecstatic.

“Yesterday we were running out of options and today we’re expecting a child,’' said Taylor, 26. You have no idea how thrilled we are to be starting our family, at last.’'

Dr. Gabriel Garzo, the center’s medical director, said the new method gives women choices they never had before.

Today, if a woman is busy pursuing a career or doesn’t yet have a partner, she can freeze her unfertilized eggs until she’s ready for motherhood,’' Garzo said.It’s also an option for cancer patients who want to preserve their fertility before undergoing challenging treatments like


The privately owned fertility center specializes in advanced in-vitro fertilization services and works closely with UCSD.