UCSD kicks off halloween weekend with pumpkin drop


For the 36th year, UCSD students dropped a humongous candy-filled pumpkin from the 11th story of Tioga Hall, the tallest building on the Muir College campus, on Friday.

Weighing 350 pounds, the students in the Muir Residents’ Council named it “Drop & Give Me 50” in recognition of UCSD’s 50th anniversary.

The pumpkin contained an assortment of individually wrapped candy, which students scurried to claim. The pumpkin’s “splat” is measured each year. The largest occurred in 1995, when a 398-pound pumpkin was dropped and splatted over 100 feet.

The largest splat in the history of the pumpkin drop occurred in 1995, when a 398-pound pumpkin spewed over 100 feet.

Video below from the 2007 pumpkin drop: