UCSD in La Jolla: Stanley Chodorow

Editor’s note: To mark UCSD’s 50


anniversary, the Light is asking people for their thoughts on how the university has affected La Jolla. Today, we hear from Stanley Chodorow, who served joined was at UCSD from 1968 to 1994, first as a history professor and later as associate vice chancellor for academic planning and dean of arts and humanities. For the past 10 years since returning from the University of Pennsylvania where he was provost, he has taught three courses each year at UCSD.
“In its 50 years of existence UCSD has helped change the economy and the population of La Jolla. Along with the Salk Institute and the Scripps Research Foundation, UCSD spawned dozens of biotech firms and wireless communication companies. These companies have brought new, highly educated people to La Jolla from all over the world and along with the university have driven the development of north La Jolla. The university itself has grown to over 27,000 students, most of whom live on campus and in the new La Jolla Colony communities, supporting new businesses and adding a large, youthful, diverse population to our town. The arts programs at UCSD have added a great deal to La Jolla’s and San Diego’s cultural life.