UCSD granted $11M for fuel cell system

UC San Diego received $11 million in grants from the California Public Utilities Commission to build a 2.8 megawatt fuel cell system for generating and storing electricity, it was announced July 29.

The grants are largest awarded under the CPUC’s Self-Generation

Incentive Program, according to the California Center for Sustainable Energy.

“Increasingly the state will be relying on renewable resources, like

wind, fuel cells and other technologies that do not necessarily produce energy when it is most valuable,” said CPUC President Michael Peevey.

“Storage solves that problem, transforming what would otherwise be low-value energy into high-value energy that can be used on-site to reduce peak energy demand,” Peevey said. “UCSD should be commended for taking this important step.”

The grants will be used to fund a planned 2.8-megawatt fuel cell, paired with an additional 2.8-megawatt energy-storage system, which will allow UCSD to store off-peak power and distribute it during times of peak demand, according to the CCSE.

The CCSE is a nonprofit organization that works to promote clean and efficient energy technology and practices.