UCSD grad wins alumni scholarship


UCSD graduate Gregory Murphy will receive a University of California Alumni “Change the World” Scholarship from UCSDS Extension to study finance as part of plans to create an organization to help college students.

The scholarship committee cited his commitment to developing a sustainable business solution to help address several problems in higher education.

Murphy, who graduated in 2008, is currently a policy advisor for San Diego County Supervisor Greg Cox.

“College tuition costs have increased 30 percent the last ten years and with the state’s structural deficit problems, that scenario is likely to worsen in the next decade,” he said in a press release.

Murphy is creating offers a sustainable business solution to solve three challenges: student debt, graduation rates and unemployment. help students with student debt and He explained that “a benefit corporation integrates the public benefits of a non-profit organization with the structural incentives of a for-profit company.”

He will use his scholarship to pursue a certificate in finance. All of the more than 1 million UC alumni are eligible to apply for merit scholarships of up to $5,500 to enter any continuing education certificate or special study program offered by UC San Diego Extension.