UCSD gets $150,000 Power Analytics software gift

City News Service

Jacobs School of Engineering at UCSD has received a $150,000 donation of software from San Diego-based Power Analytics.

The donation consists of licenses for the company’s Paladin DesignBase modeling software, which is used to design and simulate electrical power infrastructure. The software will be used for both research and instructional purposes, according to company and school officials.

“Engineering software has become very powerful in modeling in the real world,’' said Kan Kleissl, a UC San Diego professor of environmental engineering who plans to utilize the donation to continue researching solar radiation and how solar panels produce power.

So far, Kleissl’s research has focused on solar radiation and how solar panels produce power. Paladin DesignBase will allow him and colleagues to better understand what happens once the panels’ output gets into the general power grid.

Paladin DesignBase also allows users to simulate virtual solar power grids. They can ask, for example, what would happen if UC San Diego’s solar grid was 10 to 20 times bigger. The software has been installed in Kleissl’s lab since mid-July. “I’m very excited to finally have it here,” he said.