UC president echoes UCSD’s efforts to address diversity efforts


University of California President Mark Yudof on Wednesday day outlined to the Board of Regents the steps being taken to address recent instances of racism on UC campuses, like those that plagued UCSD earlier this month.

“We must — and we will — deal with the causes of the offending behaviors, both the immediate and the underlying,” Yudof said.

His remarks came oen the same day that UCSD Chancellor Marye Anne Fox released an update on campus efforts to increase diversity. Campus officials have been working to ease racial tensions at the La Jolla campus following a “Compton Cookout” themed party during Black History Month.

The situation was exacerbated by subsequent racially insensitive language used on a student-run television station, the discovery of a noose on campus and a crudely formed Ku Klux Klan-style hood on a statue.

In a news release issued Wednesday, she said, “We have taken actions to ensure that everyone feels safe and welcome. In addition, by introducing new admissions programs and other outreach tools allowable within the connstraints of Prop. 209, we hope to encourage more first generation and underrepresented students to enroll.”

UC’s Yudof said he is working with students to develop campus hate crime legislation and urged the full cooperation with criminal investigations resulting from recent racially tinged incidents.

He called on alumni and university supporters to launch a private effort to raise scholarship funds for minorities on UC campuses.

Yudof is also seeking adjustments to the admissions process to make it “more in-depth and fair” to attract a larger pool of applicants — changes that would require the oversight by the Academic Council and the Board of Admissions.