Triple-digit temps forecast

By City News Service

Triple-digit temperatures were expected Tuesday across the inland valleys and foothills of San Diego County thanks to a heat wave that’s making all of Southern California very hot and dry.

The heat wave is being brought to the region by high pressure building over the desert Southwest, said National Weather Service forecaster Mike Watkins on Monday, the day the heat wave first struck.

According to the NWS, Tuesday and Wednesday will be the hottest, with noticeably cooler weather expected by the weekend.

Expected high temperatures today and Wednesday were: 90 to 100 in coastal valleys; 100 to 110 in inland valleys; 90 to 100 in the mountains below 6,000 feet; and 112 to 117 in the lower deserts.

An excessive heat warning in effect for Los Angeles County today did not extend into San Diego because temperatures here are generally a bit warmer to begin with, according to the Weather Service.

Still, local visitors and tourists in the deserts, mountains and desert hikers, and anyone working outside this week should take precautions to prevent heat-related illness, the Weather Service advised.

The Weather Service also recommended that people in San Diego County avoid strenuous outdoor activity if possible, drink plenty of liquids, wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothing and a hat, and never leave children or pets in enclosed vehicles, even briefly.