Transients a problem in Bird Rock


Bird Rock’s roundabouts and concerns about homeless people remain subjects of conversation, particularly among those who turned out last week for the community council meeting.

But even as residents worry about the state of their neighborhood, they are looking forward to the things that they say make it a great place to live: Halloween festivities and an Oktoberfest-themed picnic in the works for Oct. 6.

Questions about the homeless popped up throughout the 90-minute meeting on Sept. 1 at Station Sushi.

“It’s an ongoing problem that won’t go away,” said Chairman Joe LaCava, who noted that he and Darcy Ashley of the La Jolla Town Council had recently attended a meeting addressing homeless issues where the financial burdens were discussed.

“If we ever became a city, we would have to deal with that,” he said.

When the question came up about what can be done about homeless people who rummage through trash cans looking for recyclables, Neighborhood Watch chair Michelle Fulks told the group that if the trash can is on private property, it’s considered theft. Her advice: Call the Police Department at (619) 531-2000, because if the reports aren’t made, police won’t know there’s a problem.

Another suggestion: Don’t put your trash cans out until Monday morning.

Fulks said the homelessness isn’t a new problem and recalled that transients would sometimes sleep on the roof of a Bird Rock office building.

“They had it all figured out. The building had security that came at 11 and 5,” she said. “The people had their mattresses up there and had a clock they plugged into the building’s power. They’d be gone by 5 p.m.”

She repeated her advice: Call police or e-mail the community council at

When it came to the roundabouts, one person asked what could be done about fender-benders that are occurring when people don’t know how to enter the traffic circles that were installed to slow traffic through the community’s business district.

LaCava answered some questions and reported that progress is being made on getting the pedestrian warning lights working again. Specifically, he noted, the city has found some money to put in an entirely new light system at Midway and Colima while seeing if the ones on La Jolla Boulevard can be improved.

Beautification Committee Chairwoman Barbara Dunbar said her group was working on plans to enhance visibility and safety in and around the intersections while working under approved designs.

And LaCava talked about the plants in the roundabout at Colima and La Jolla Boulevard where new low-lying and more colorful plants were put in.

“They’re a sign of what’s coming,” he said. “Let us know what you think.”

Coming to Bird Rock:

Community Picnic with an Oktoberfest Theme

5:30 to 7 p.m. Oct. 6