Transcendental Surfers


Like a mighty wave sweeping the world, every day more people are becoming surfers. Regardless of a person’s age, nationality, religion or faith, all who learn to surf experience personal growth and positive changes that occur from within and resonate without in daily life. The weak become strong, the strong become humble, and everyone individually shares a common experience and awakening that only a surfer could understand. It matters not whether a surfer rides one wave or ten thousand; once a surfer always a surfer. You can take a surfer out of the waves but you cannot take the waves out of the surfer. The longer one practices surfing, the more profound the changes will be. Those who dare to experience miracles of riding on the waves will never ever be the same again. The mighty wave sweeping the world is actually Surfing Transcendentalism.

All surfing begins with respect. Those who would underestimate the power of even the tiniest waves do so at their own risk. Even the smallest of waves is backed by the power of the entire ocean. All can enter the water but none can conquer the waves.

The best a surfer can do is ride them. False pride proceedeth a wipeout. Those who learn to surf learn to respect the power of the ocean. They also learn to respect the power within that each and everyone possesses but seldom utilizes. If a surfer can ride a wave, than a surfer can also do just about anything to which he applies his mind and heart. Respect is the foundation upon which all greatness resides. Respect for the ocean waves as well as all ocean inhabitants, including other surfers, and most of all, respect for self. Because they realize each and every day is a gift, self-respecting surfers always try to do and be their best. Like a unique and priceless wave, once life’s gone it’s gone forever. Respect.

To become a surfer requires great commitment. Wishy-washy surfers get washed back to shore. When a surfer decides to catch a wave, he must do so with one hundred percent of his will and fortitude. There is no time for hesitation or second-guessing when it comes to succeeding at catching a wave, or succeeding at anything for that matter. The prevailing rule in surfing is do not paddle for a wave unless you are fully committed and truly intend to catch it. Imagine if everyone thought like a surfer thinks when it comes to catching waves and remained committed to catching their own personal successes. Commitment, as well as determination, is part of why surfers are able to catch waves. In other words, if a surfer can ride moving mountains, he will succeed even when facing impossible odds. When a surfer experiences riding a super long tube there are times when he may feel like bailing out. As long as he remains committed to making it, the higher the odds are he will.

Surfing helps people feel alive and invigorated and with this comes a deep and lasting sense of humility. Man is but a grain of sand when compared to the ocean. Seven nations of armies cannot defeat the ocean, but a surfer can surf a tidal wave. If a surfer goes out surfing full of himself thinking he is above the rest, it will not be long before the ocean waves change his perspective. Through humility comes real and great strength. When a surfer yields to the power of the wave, he becomes one with the power of the wave. He goes with the flow and never against it. There is an ocean within every surfer that is far vaster than all the oceans on earth combined. Within this ocean resides great power waiting to be utilized for the positive benefit of anyone who has discovered it, remains humble and practices going with the flow.

The longer a surfer is held under water, the more thankful he is for fresh air when he comes back up to surface. Thankfulness for a surfer begins with each and every breath . Everything else is added bonus. Only after being under for so long can a surfer really appreciate being on top. Every surfer experiences good rides and also experiences bad wipeouts. In the end, surfing experiences are neither good nor bad. For the surfer with a heart that is thankful for the good rides, the bad rides, and all rides, each ride is just an adventure. Surfing would not be surfing if it were not for the ups and downs, the thrills and the spills. Such is life.

Transcendental surfing is an art, a sport and a state of mind. Lessons learned from surfing waves apply to navigating the waves of life. One need not ride the powerful waves the world has to attain positive changes. To heighten awareness, one need only discover the power of the ocean within. Aloha.