Traffic committee hears plans for Belvedere Promenade


By Dave Schwab

After hearing a pitch by La Jolla architect Jim Alcorn on the Belvedere Promenade project reconfiguring the Prospect/Girard Dip to create a pedestrian walkway, La Jolla’s Traffic & Transportation (T&T) Board voted unanimously March 22 to defer a final vote on the proposal until more information is gathered.

“This is definitely a beautiful thing, but as a general rule, we’d like to know what building owners and merchants think about the project. That’s very important,” said chair Todd Lesser. “It takes time for information about a project like this to trickle down.”

In his presentation, Alcorn said funding for the long-term project, which he estimated would cost $2 million to $3 million, will be sought after the community and local government planning review process is successfully negotiated.

T&T member Michelle Fulks asked how the project would be funded.

“Mostly from private donations,” said Alcorn, adding there are other ways to generate funding, such as the creation of an assessment district by public vote which would tax local businesses to raise the revenue.

Fulk also wondered if the promenade was “for sale?”

Alcorn answered, “If someone wanted to put their name on it because it’s in the public right-of-way the city might have a problem with that.”

Noting the promenade plan calls for a pedestrian walkway with outdoor tables for restaurant dining, T&T board member Orrin Gabsch queried, “How would we control that?”

Alcorn said,”We would incorporate that as part of the Coastal Development Permit.”

After discussion, T&T’s Board opted to ask project proponents to solicit the views of all business and property owners in The Dip before returning for a final vote on conceptual approval of the project.