Town Council plans ‘State of La Jolla’


The La Jolla Town Council (LJTC) hopes to increase transparency and knowledge of La Jolla’s community groups with its new ‘State of La Jolla’ event, announced President Steve Haskins during LJTC’s Nov. 13 meeting at La Jolla Rec Center.

“We’re inviting leaders of all the primary, most important organizations in La Jolla to come and each give a 10-minute address on what their accomplishments havebeen over the past year and what they plan during the coming year,” Haskins said of the event, set for 6 p.m. Jan. 8 at the rec center. “We’d like to continue to do this every year.”

Requests for participation are being sent to the La Jolla Village Merchants Association, La Jolla Community Planning Association, Bird Rock Community Council and La Jolla Shores Association. Other organizations interested in participating can contact Haskins at or (619) 479-4351, ext. 29.

In other Town Council news

Sparkle & Shine: Nancy Warwick and Sherry Ahern noted that the La Jolla Village Merchants Association’s Sparkle & Shine campaign has raised $44,000 to steam-clean sidewalks and trash cans in the Village. The amount was raised via donations from 32 individuals, including Warwick and Ahern.

Steam-cleaning began recently in the 7600 block of Girard Avenue, near Esteban Interiors.

“We would love to raise enough money to steam-clean the Village once a month for a year,” Warwick said. “We’re not there (but) we can do very big quarterly cleanings. It’s not the best solution for our problems, but we need to do something,”

Sparkle & Shine allows business owners or residents to purchase a banner for $400 per month, to be displayed on one of 100 poles throughout the Village, including 23 on Torrey Pines Road. The banners will fly December through March 2015.

“You can put your business name, family name, child’s school or your favorite sports team,” Warwick said. “Some people partner with friends. I had a resident call me a couple of days ago saying eight of her neighbors are getting together and coming up with a funny name to put on a banner.

“It adds up quickly,” Warwick said of the tax-deductible fee. A 20-percent discount is provided for those place a banner for three or four months. More at (858) 454-5718 or

Council vacancies: President Haskins noted that there are three openings on the LJTC board, to be filled during next month’s meeting. In addition, he said trustee Glenda Rothberg has resigned as first-vice president, though will remain on the board. Trustees will vote on whether to approve Haskins’ suggested replacement, Al Ramirez, during the December meeting.

Bylaws redux: Revisions to the LJTC’s bylaws, being crafted by a trustee bylaws committee, will be presented for consideration, during the LJTC’s Dec. 11 meeting. “We may change some of the rules about how trustees are appointed or what their minimum qualifications need to be,” Haskins said.

Beach cleanup: The LJTC will sponsor a beach cleanup at La Jolla Shores, 9 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 14. Those interested should meet at Kellogg Park that morning. More than 30 members of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity at UC San Diego have committed to participate, Haskins said. Coffee and donuts will be provided.

Event raises $1,500: LJTC second vice-president Yolanda de Riquer thanked trustees Natasha Alexander and Al Ramirez (and others) for their help hosting last month’s farewell party for the crew of the USS La Jolla submarine, which is being decommissioned. The event raised $1,500 for the LJTC.

Water-saving tips: David Akin, a consumer advocate with the City of San Diego’s Public Utilities Department offered a presentation on the city’s Waste No Water campaign, and tips for consumers to conserve water and save on their utility bills.

The city declared a “Stage 2” drought alert this summer, which means that conserving water is no longer voluntary, but mandatory.

Akin noted a new smartphone app that allows people to report water leaks by taking a photo on their smartphones. He said the city is also offering free residential water surveys, during which it will check bathrooms, kitchens, washing machines, irrigation systems and soil for water leaks. The city also offers the free survey for commercial landscaping.

Some money may be available for those who wish to replace turf with drought-tolerant landscaping. In addition, Akin said, the city may reduce one’s water bill for repairing hidden leaks in walls under concrete slabs, after submitting the bill for the repair.

For more information about permitting of gray water reclamation systems or other water-related questions, e-mail Akin at or phone (619) 533-3500.