Town Council notes

Two trustees, Ed Sullivan and Joan Chesner, have resigned.

La Jolla Town Council at its Feb. 8 monthly meeting nominated four candidates for eight seats up for election at the group’s next meeting Thursday, March 8 at La Jolla Rec Center.

The candidates are Jade Schulz, Russell Ali, Dan Courtney and Stephen Ross.

The four candidates were asked to introduce themselves and say why they are seeking election to the group.

Schulz, a member of the San Diego-based Violin Maker’s Association, joked that he moved to La Jolla on holiday for two months and couldn’t stand to leave and has now been here 3 1/2 years. “I always meant to get involved,” he said, “but I felt that I should wait until I knew the community better. It’s time now, especially since I’m running unopposed.”

Russell Ali said he was active in Los Angeles. “I’d like to do the same here,” he said. “I’d like to make a difference in the community.”

A native Nebraskan, Stephen Ross went to law school at USD and has been a practicing attorney in San Diego for 22 years. A Point Loma resident with his primary office there, Ross has a smaller office at the Riford Center where he meets with clients, which qualifies him for elligibility to run for a trusteeship. “I’d very much like to serve,” he said. “I throw my hat in the ring.”

Dan Courtney is no stranger to community planning, having been long involved with the La Jolla Shores Association. “My basic concerns are with encroachment of institutional projects on residential, and also traffic,” he said.

Chair named for Streetscape and Beautification Committee

Esther Viti was named chair of La Jolla Town Council’s Streetscape and Beautification Commitee. Town Council President Glen Rasmussen also called upon trustees to voluntarily donate $100 to establish a fund to begin work on area beautification.

The council recently voted to approve working with Promote La Jolla, the community’s Business Improvement District, to perform necessary streetscape projects in the community. “The streetscape agreement allows local control for beautification of La Jolla,” said Rasmussen, “for things like newsracks, benches, flower pots and trees.”

Viti has agreed to do fund-raising to enable the town council, which is dependent on member dues, to contribute more financially to local beautification. “We’d like to get rid of all newsracks that are everywhere on the street,” said Rasmussen, “and combine them into centralized newsracks, which has been done in a number of other communities.”

March forum planned on planned district ordinance

Noting the revision of Bird Rock’s planned district ordinance, the blueprint for that community’s commercial development, is a hot-button issue, council president Rasmussen said a community forum is being planned to inform La Jollans about the particulars of the form-based code draft now being considered.

An exact date has yet to be determined.

Trustee John Beaver said this is an issue that needs to be addressed in a public forum. “There needs to be a really clear definition between the ‘Bird Rock 12,’ the ‘Bird Rock 9' and the form-based code,” Beaver said, “so people can see what was first approved, and then what has been superimposed upon the community. The third part is what are the implications for the form-based code for the balance of La Jolla, not just Bird Rock?”

Keely Sweeney, Council President Scott Peters La Jolla representative, pointed out the form-based code applies only to Bird Rock, and will not be applied elsewhere in La Jolla.

Rasmussen said the public forum will be scheduled sometime after March 6.

La Jolla Kiwanis makes pitch for Half Marathon support

Robin Cahill of La Jolla Kiwanis Club asked the town council to support the club’s annual Half Marathon run between Del Mar Racetrack and La Jolla Cove set for Sunday, April 22.

“It’s a wonderful event,” said trustee John Beaver, “but I don’t believe it’s been brought up through the Parks and Beaches Committee.”

Cahill agreed to meet with that commitee, which meets the fourth Monday of the month at 4 p.m. in Room #1 of La Jolla Rec Center. The next committee meeting will be Feb. 26.