Town Council sets District 1 City Council candidates forum Oct. 8

La Jolla Town Council (LJTC) will host a forum featuring the three candidates running for the San Diego City Council District 1 seat being vacated by Sherri Lightner next year. The event will begin at 6 p.m. after the Town Council’s regular 5 p.m. meeting on Thursday, Oct. 8 at the Rec Center, 615 Prospect St.

Candidates Barbara Bry, Ray Ellis and Joe LaCava have agreed to participate in the forum co-sponsored by the San Diego Police Officer’s Association.

LJTC chair Steve Haskins told La Jolla Light the Town Council wanted to host the candidates because “The Town Council is the one place in La Jolla where everyone can come together on any issue of importance to La Jollans. Probably the most important issue in our day-to-day lives in La Jolla is going to be electing the next city councilmember for our district. That’s the person who stands up for us and fights for us, so it was important to us.”

Haskins said LJTC would likely host more than one debate leading up to the election set for November 2016.

Preceding the forum, San Diego police and lifeguard representatives will speak about summer activities and what resources they need in the future.

In other Town Council news:

Two council items back: Two Town Council features — member New Idea presentations and the La Jolla trivia Question — which had been “on sabbatical” — returned during the September meeting. For the Member New Idea presentation, trustees are tasked with coming up with ideas to increase community engagement and introducing their suggestions to the board and meeting attendees. two trustees offer their plans at each meeting.

During the sweltering September meeting, Taylor Bloom and Courtney Hibbard suggested improvements to the website and online presence. (Without conferring, the two proposed similar ideas).

“My idea is to get a social media intern for the La Jolla Town Council to give us a better presence on social media platforms. He or she could announce when the meetings are and the SunSetters (networking events held third thursdays at various La Jolla businesses),” Bloom said. “We have a website, but we are not really active on any form of social media. It would be helpful if we had an intern interested in marketing or pr who would want to volunteer with the Town Council. I was thinking high school or college students.” Those interested can attend the 5 p.m. Oct. 8 meeting.

Added Hibbard, “My idea is to revamp our website, which isn’t a new idea, but important nonetheless. Our agenda and minutes (which are on the site) are dated, so finding some way, maybe the intern from taylor’s idea, to keep it up to date ... would be important.” She also suggested adding to the website a way for the community to submit ideas for speakers and topics to cover at meetings, and listing upcoming town Council events. “I was going to volunteer to do some of it, but I like Taylor’s intern idea!” she said. “Updating the website and having a social media presence will help the other trustees’ ideas run more smoothly and happen more efficiently.”

For the La Jolla Trivia Question, the person who correctly answers a question about La Jolla’s history wins a bottle of wine. The September question was: What was the gasoline-powered train that brought passengers to La Jolla called? The answer: The Red Devil.

Sea lion meeting delayed: Haskins reported a meeting with San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer and other La Jolla leaders to address the sea lion population at the Cove was postponed. Spurred by safety concerns and the infamous Cove stench caused by sea lion waste on the bluffs, the meeting was set to explore resolution options. Haskins said he would keep council trustees updated on future meeting progress.