Town council backs post office proposal

Town Council Trustee Jay Schulz says La Jolla’s post office needs a makeover and thinks he knows how to get it done.

“There’s a problem with landscape brushing against and starting to damage the walls,” he said at the group’s June 11 meeting. “So I came up with a landscape design, an impressionistic view of San Diego County.”

He showed off a plan that calls for using decorative glass in bright colors to denote various county geographic regions, like blue for the ocean and white pebbles for the deserts of East County.

He estimated the initial cost of the project, which would be privately funded, at $2,000 to $3,000.

He added there would be an option to protect the new landscaping. “We could put a small fence around the whole thing,” he said.

The council voted unanimously for Schulz’s plan.

The group also heard about plans to revive the town council’s evening social gatherings that were previously called “sundowners.”

John Weinstein, a recently seated trustee, said they will be renamed “sunsetters.”

“Perhaps the name downer was kind of negative,” he said. “We wanted the name to be something new and improved.”

Weinstein added a fall start-up is planned. Cost will be $5 for councilmembers, $10 for nonmembers and free for those who join the council that night.

In other action, Ann Kerr Bache - another new board member - reported on progress being made on this year’s Christmas parade, revealing its theme, “Through the eyes of a child.”

“The emphasis will be on youth and service to the community,” she said, adding a parade grand marshal has already been selected. “It’s a person who’s been outstanding in the community and whose family has lifelong dedication to La Jolla and good causes,” she said.

The parade will be on Sunday, Dec. 6, starting at 2 p.m. with a holiday festival to follow at the Rec Center from 3:30 to 5 p.m. hosted by Sunrise Rotary Club.

Kerr Bache also showed off the poster promoting the event and said anyone offering a car to carry a VIP during the parade should call the Town Council office.

The council also heard from David Chao, who heads the San Diego Sports Medicine Foundation, about plans for the group’s main fundraiser. The foundation provides medical care for high school athletes throughout San Diego County who don’t have healthcare coverage.

He needed their blessing for the Taste at the Cove event on Sept. 3 at Scripps Park.

He drew challenges from Trustee Darcy Ashley over previous noise complaints about the event. She also pointed out that the event date falls within the summer event moratorium, which runs through Labor Day.

But Chao, one of the Chargers’ team dotors, said that only applies to new events and noted that the Taste is a recurring one. He urged the group to support the chosen date because Chargers and Pdress players who turn out for it and are a big public draw couldn’t make it if it were held later because of conflicts with the start of the NFL season.

The Town Council voted 10-4 in favor of granting approval for Taste at the Cove, which features cuisine from numerous restaurants in San Diego.