Torreys make it back-to-back

By Phil Dailey

Staff Writer

The La Jolla Country Day volleyball team made easy work of their state title game, dismantling Atherton Sacred Heart last weekend on the campus of San Jose State University in three straight sets.

The win marked the team’s second-straight state championship.

“They were overmatched, we were bigger, faster, stronger,” said head coach Peter Ogle, now in his 33


season with the Torreys.

Lauren Birks led the team with eight digs in the win while Maggie Whitney added five. Mollie Rogers also came through big with nine kills and three blocks while teammate Kendal Peterkin added eight kills. Chloe Mathis, the MVP of the match had 31 assists in the lopsided win.

The Torreys have four seniors who will play Division I volleyball level, one reason they were overpowering this season in Division IV.

“You just don’t get that kinda of caliber of kids,” Ogle said. “It was just a freak group, they just happened to be a good group in one class … it’s just a once-in-a-lifetime team.”

It’s hard to say how good this team is when it comes to the history of San Diego volleyball, but after a 33-3 season chock-full of dominating area schools, this group would have to be among the greats.

“I’m not saying we’re the best team that has ever been out there, but were big enough to compete with anybody,” Ogle said. “If we’re playing our best, I think we are one of the best teams that San Diego has had.