Torrey Pines Elementary School recalls Renaissance

[gallery]The organizers of the first Torrey Pines Elementary School Renaissance Fair estimate that about 600 people attended the event on Sunday.

“It was all the buzz on the campus today,” wrote foundation president Renee Kenagy. “One parent came up to Mr. Solo, our principal and said ‘We knew Torrey Pines Elementary was a great school but events like this make this school something special.’ “

Chairwoman Liwayway Ronzone had said before the event that they planned wanted create a fun event for students, staff and families that would be another way to teach about music, art and science. “Why not start with the Renaissance where it all began,” she said.

It was not planned to be a fundraiser, but a community gathering showing it’s possible to integrate fun with learning and to help children to understand a bit more about history.