‘To change the world’


La Jolla graduates reflect on what school has given them

Graduation season is a busy time in La Jolla. This relatively compact area is home to four outstanding high schools: La Jolla High, The Bishop’s School, La Jolla Country Day School and The Preuss School.

To cover what the school years have been like at each school, The La Jolla Light asked some journalists with special insight to offer their reflections. The following are the reflections of the school newspaper or yearbook editors from each school:

La Jolla High School

By Allison Marsh and Lena Rothstein

Editors in Chief,

La Jolla High Tide

You know you went to La Jolla High when you have over a 4.0 and are not in the top 35 percent of the class, when you dodge seagull droppings at lunch like your life depends on it and when you cannot find a parking space within a three-block radius unless you arrive at school before 7 a.m.

One word comes to mind when thinking of the future of the La Jolla High School graduating class of 2008: optimistic. In a time when the future seems dismal, we can look around and say with confidence that the graduating seniors of La Jolla High have the ability and drive to change the world.

Over the past four years at La Jolla High we have learned many valuable lessons. We have learned how precious life is while dealing with the death of our amazing Spanish teacher, Señor Tim Rush, who instilled in each of his students a sense of honesty and integrity. We have learned that our lives need balance. This is exemplified by the many students who maintained phenomenal GPAs, despite having basketball, baseball and water polo practice every day after school. We have learned how to work together to achieve a common goal by taking classes such as journalism and yearbook, not to mention producing some unforgettable senior pranks like having a sleepover on the beloved football field.

And finally, we feel privileged to have been given the means and opportunities to help others. This view has been modeled by so many of our peers, from a student who has raised thousands of dollars for the sister schools in Uganda to countless other school clubs that raise funds for relief agencies.

As we wrap up our senior year, it is clear that this last year of high school has been the year to discover ourselves as individuals. It no longer matters what clique you belong to or how big your sweet 16 was. During our time in high school we have been able to discover our passions, develop political and social views, all while trying to master calculus. La Jolla High School has provided us with the foundation to go out into the world and become whatever we want to be, and now it is up to us to accomplish our goals.

La Jolla Area High Schools

La Jolla Country Day

The Bishops School

The Preuss School