Tiny La Jollan’s condition improving


The condition of the critically ill daughter of a La Jolla Kiwanis club member continues to improve.

“The doctors are saying we are seeing a miraculous recovery,” said Doug Bradley whose daughter Sophia became violently ill over the weekend with what is initially believed to be a virus, and was rushed to Children’s Hospital for treatment.

“We continue to be guardedly optimistic ... Because Sophia’s signs continued to be strong and even improve,” said Sam Greening pastor at Congregational Church which held a group prayer for the welfare of Doug and wife Neva Bradley’s child Jan. 18 attended by about 30 people.

“As an experiment they have removed her from the life support she was on. Her body responded so well that she has remained off the machines that were doing all the work of her lungs and most of the work of her heart. The medical care team was ecstatic at how well she’s doing without life support — it was apparently the best they’ve seen any child do under the circumstances — and Doug and Neva are overjoyed.”

Greening asked people to continue to keep Sophia in their prayers.

“This is a very, very critical time, and there are still no guarantees,” he said, adding doctors remain uncertain is to what caused Sophia Bradley’s sickness but hope to find out soon.