Timeless Impressions — M. Dyf (1899-1985), E. Cortz, E.G. La Loue and L. Loir

This show runs only from Nov. 5 to 14.

Cosmopolitan Fine Arts is delighted to announce its forthcoming exhibition and long anticipated retrospective of Marcel Dyf’s rare oils. This outstanding exhibit offers a glimpse into Dyf’s classic masterpieces, which transcend the boundaries of expressionism and impressionism.

A traditionally skilled painter, Dyf portrays the boundless beauty of everyday life in his passionate and insightful works of art. His paintings convey the strength of his inherent vitality, presenting one with color beautifully and freshly expressed through a wonderful technique, known as Impressionism. Although his artistic roots are implanted in the French impressionist tradition, his paintings radiate with an expressionist’s emotive passion. He infuses his paintings with the poetry of life deeply felt.

Today, Dyf has an international reputation of being one of the liveliest exponents in the art of painting — a man of vivid personality who enriched and breathed life into art collections worldwide. Cosmopolitan Fine Arts maintains a superior collection of works, which include some of Dyf’s most famous late-Post Impressionist paintings.

He succeeded in expressing the most subtle nuances of nature in Post Impressionist landscapes and still lifes. He executed intense research on lighting and color effects that enabled him to discover a new pictorial processes where the juxtaposition on canvas with brushstrokes of pure color resulted in an “optical mixture” for the spectators eye. He also maintained a steadfast desire for depicting less extravagant beauty, stripped of unnecessary ornamentation; he exposed the purity and simplicity of nature.

Dyf’s pictorial language was in strong keeping with Impressionism, and showed his deep admiration for early teachers, Monet and Renoir. However, what distinguishes him from his predecessors is the sensitivity of his inspiration, and the great humility he displayed while attempting to re-transcribe on canvas the enchantment he felt throughout his artistic pursuits.