Throat traffic backup caused by computer signal light malfunction

Another traffic jam was created exiting La Jolla during the Wednesday evening rush hour due to a persisting problem with a malfunctioning computerized controller unit.

The unit, housed in a cabinet, controls the Throat intersection where La Jolla Shores Drive, Hidden Valley and Torrey Pines roads and La Jolla Parkway converge.

A similar problem caused major traffic backups for the morning rush hour on April 20 when flashing traffic signals caused long lines of vehicles heading from Interstate 5 into the downtown Village.

“We’re having problems with the controller units controlled by a master clock,” said Jorge Wilkins, city traffic technician. “We put a spare controller unit in on Monday and it failed again. We’re going to replace the controller unit tonight (Thursday) or Friday night. The technician has to go in after hours at night because the signal has to be put on flash for about 30 minutes.”