Those who love their community get what they pay for


By Joe Parker

President, Bird Rock Community Council

Public art is on the rise in Bird Rock. We’ve just completed our fourth mosaic bench located on La Jolla Boulevard, and there are more to come. These incredibly beautiful benches are the work of local artist, Jane Wheeler, who has spent painstaking hours crafting her intricate designs and incorporating the rich themes chosen by our sponsors.

The beauty of these benches and the amount of work required to create such masterpieces speak for themselves. We are grateful to benefit from such wonderful talent and perspective. But there is more — much more to these benches than meet the eye. Each bench carries an important theme, such as dedication to family, the arts, our children and the appreciation of our community. The newest bench, themed, “Love Your Community,” struck a chord with me because it highlights the importance of investing in your neighborhood to maintain and better the quality of our lifestyle and that of our most important asset — our children. (If you missed them, take a look at the photos in La Jolla Highlights: Love your community)

“Love Your Community” can mean many things. For me, it celebrates the spirit of volunteers and sponsors who steward the many private projects and events that enrich all of our lives. It is easy to get exhausted by the constant call to arms to support a fundraiser, chair a committee or join a work party to perform a beach cleanup. What is less obvious is the passion of these leading volunteers who must first raise the issue and then turn to the community for help. They do it because they love their community and recognize that “energy in equals energy out.”

What is your passion? Think about why you love your community and then take a moment (or more) to get involved. It can be as simple as a donation, helping to deliver the local newsletter, or just attending a community meeting to show your support. By doing so, you set a great example for others and our children, that investing in the community is the safest bet on the market. In other words, if you are sitting on the bench, you are missing out on the game!