This Just In: Martin Lawrence Galleries and Adelaide’s


Martin Lawrence Galleries

Art galleries can be intimidating, but as soon as you step inside of one and have a conversation about a piece of art that catches your eye, it becomes a very positive experience.

“Buy what you love — and do your homework on the artist’s career is great advice when purchasing art. Art is often a long-term investment, so ask questions — no question is ever irrelevant when you are starting out,” director Tammy McManus said.

Martin Lawrence Galleries opened in La Jolla about two years ago, and it definitely surprises and delivers breath-taking art — masters’ work such as Picasso, Miro, Lichtenstein, Chagall and Warhol cover its walls.

With a staff of combined talent of more than 50 years of experience selling fine art, even an art connoisseur can learn a few things.

“We like to share our love of art and help people find something special that they can enjoy in their homes every day. The experience is the same if it is a $500 piece or a million-dollar piece. Buying art is like an addiction, and you will find that the first piece sets the tone that leads to the second piece, and always collect what you love, not what you are told you should love,” McManus added.

For a truly wonderful art experience, visit Martin Lawrence Galleries at 1111 Prospect St., Suite 106, call (858) 551-1122 or go to


Adelaide’s Florists Decorators

The shop is bustling with activity — designers creating orders, a patio spilling over with containers of colorful and fragrant flowers, gifts being displayed with artistry, locals discussing arrangements, and dogs eating free biscuits.

One thing is for sure, Adelaide’s is a wonderful sensory sensation. Adelaide’s was named after the woman who opened the Encinitas shop in 1936 and moved it to La Jolla in 1949, and was passionate about flowers. “My grandmother used to say that ‘God created flowers to heal the heart, feed the soul and bring light to our lives,’ ” owner Gina Phillips said. Born into the floral industry, Phillips’ passion for it grew with each year.

“My enthusiasm for flowers grew as my father taught me the trade and gave me the tools to grow the business with all the love each generation has held for Adelaide’s,” she added.

The shop has on staff creative designers for flower and plant design. For those who cannot come into the store, Adelaide’s offers over-the-phone requests and deliveries. Are you having a wedding, a corporate event, an extraordinary elegant dinner or a celebrated moment? Adelaide’s also has an event staff.

Phillips added, “We also have an online educational blog and a ‘What’s New’ site for the latest happenings here.”

Support local business by visiting Adelaide’s Flowers at 766 Girard Ave., calling (858) 454-0146 or going to


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