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LJ Cups

In food circles there has been a sweet renaissance in the world of desserts, and the delicious new movement is toward cupcakes. This appetizing trend has come to La Jolla via LJ Cups.

Cups is the first and only all organic cupcakery in the San Diego area.

“Our products are made entirely from scratch, and feature local, seasonal and organic ingredients,” says manager Todd Murphy.

Cupcakes remind us of our childhood, and Cups rekindles those memories with classic flavors like Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate and Vanilla, but it also offers adult choices such as Chai, Curry Cup, and Wine and Cheese. For customers with certain dietary restrictions, Cups offers gluten-free and low-glycemic cupcakes. And, great news for those of us with four-legged family members, Cups also has homemade PupCups for your dog.

The LJ Cups space is modern and retro — cool, hip and kitschy all wrapped in one lounge. A unique feature is the counter taps that serve ice cold milk (not beer!). The main area is where customers eat, drink and hang out. Music is a huge part of Cups — featuring DJs and karaoke.

“Local artists are encouraged to play their music at Cups,” says Murphy.

With a commitment to its community Cups sponsors the La Jolla Shores Surf Contest, is a major donor and sponsor to the renovation of Kellogg Park, provides cups for many local charities —including the recent Chef Showdown to benefit victims of domestic violence, Rainforest Gala, the Bold Red Tent Event and Girls Think Tank.

Cups LJ opens its doors this Friday, the 13th.

Cups LJ is located at 7857 Girard Ave., La Jolla. Call (858) 459-CUPS.

Corrine’s Fine Apparel

Located on Girard between antique shops and a cafe is Corrine’s Fine Apparel. One step in the boutique and comfortable European comes to mind. The store’s clothes allow women to accessorize, to add their own creativity and different looks.

Owner Corrine Chessick, says, “My clients are busy women with very busy schedules. They usually don’t like to shop and they look for clothing that is as versatile as they are.”

Chessick has worked in all facets of the fashion industry for 35 years. She playfully says, “I went from being a carhop into the garment business, and fashion and clothes run in the family. My great grandmother owned a clothing factory in Norway.”

Knowing her customer base and allowing them to dictate what she buys is essential. She does, however, agonize over every detail, including every style, color and size, and all of the buying is done in New York, choosing the very best clothes from designers all over the world.

Another reason for Corrine’s success is that the store caters to women with figures. “Not many stores like to deal with women’s figures. It’s all about the younger girls or whatever the latest trend is,” says Chessick.

As the saying goes, the clothing makes the woman — and Corrine’s Fine Apparel provides fashion with a wonderful twist of our SoCal lifestyle.

Corrine’s Fine Apparel is on 7644 Girard Ave., La Jolla. Call (858) 459-2021.

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