Thermage skin tightening can lead to increased self-esteem, boosted happiness

By Dr. Nasrin Mani

There’s no doubt that individuals who undergo cosmetic enhancements including the ever-popular

Thermage skin tightening

have an increased sense of self. That’s because today’s advanced cosmetic treatments look natural and youthful – a winning combination for women who want to feel great when looking in the mirror.

And a new study confirms it.

According to psychologists at Ruhr Universitat and the University of Basel, women who undergo plastic surgery or cosmetic enhancement while maintaining realistic expectations on its outcome are happier and more self-confident compared to women who hadn’t undergone any kind of treatment.

Researchers reviewed 544 cases of first-time plastic surgery patients with 264 other individuals who considered surgery but decided against it and 1,000 people from the general population who hadn’t considered cosmetic enhancements.

While researchers did not see a significant difference among all groups in terms of overall satisfaction for life, the study did reveal that people who elected to have plastic surgery “felt healthier, were less anxious, had developed more self-esteem and found the operated body feature in particular, but also their body as a whole, more attractive,” the study noted. Researchers added that “no adverse effects were observed.”

The study was published in the Clinical Psychological Science Journal.

Thermage Skin Tightening: A Happier Sense of Self

Thermage in la JollaThermage in la JollaThermage skin tightening is arguably one of the most highly-sought after cosmetic treatments today. That’s because it works with no surgery, no downtime and no injections for a totally natural look by use of radiofrequency waves that are completely non-invasive. The treatment can be used anywhere on the body. Thermage is best used to tighten skin in the early signs of aging and can even be used as an anti-aging prevention method to avoid future fine lines and wrinkles.

Thermage tightens skin with radiofrequency waves that stimulate collagen “recoiling” – or the tightening of existing collagen formations. The process also stimulates new collagen production. Over time, facial contours, body lines and skin texture is improved, leading to a youthful and rejuvenated look. Many women report positive results including an increased sense of self and higher self-esteem.

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