There’s no sweating success at La Jolla Wellness Studio

By Marti Gacioch

“People like La Jolla Wellness Studio so much because they can come in wearing their work clothes and they’re done working out in 15 minutes,” said owner Ted Barduson. “That workout gets them the same outcome as being on an elliptical for 60 minutes or weightlifting for 45 minutes — and that’s without breaking a sweat.”

According to Barduson, members can’t believe they’ll achieve the same outcomes until after they try the studio’s program and machines, and experience an a-ha! moment.

Barduson said that his patented Myo Metrix process engages both the client’s cortisol (stress hormone) and lactic acid (the enzyme that causes soreness after a workout). The process also measures the percentage of body fat and looks at muscle mass limb by limb, e.g. right leg, left leg, right arm, etc.

“Cortisol blocks energy from going to your muscles, but our sound vibration machine dumps the cortisol out of the body and reduces the lactic acid,” Barduson said. “Everyone can lose weight, but if you don’t increase your muscle mass, that weight will come back at a 7 to 1 ratio.”

Bardusan said member Mark Speros, 62, who lost 25 pounds in body fat and gained 15 pounds of muscle mass in four months.

La Jolla Wellness Studio offers a Golden Ticket special to introduce people to its program. This includes two sessions and an In-Body machine analysis that measures a client’s body composition: weight, muscle mass, body fat, metabolic rate at rest, the intra and extra cellular water levels in their cells, and the BMI (body mass index), showing where a client is in comparison to the average person of the same age group and environment.

The studio’s trainers and nutritionist stand ready to guide members toward improved health. “Our report, the La Jolla Wellness Studio Care Plan, tracks a client’s progression through all the body’s composition analyses,” Barduson said.

After six months in business, the studio has 60 active members, including Sharp cardiologist Dr. Joel McGreevy, who also serves as the studio’s chief medical officer, and Dr. Jim La Bell, Chief Medical Officer for Scripps Health. La Jolla Wellness Studio programs will soon be available for San Diego Teachers Union members through their Veba health plan.


a Jolla Wellness Studio

7660 Fay Ave., Suite F, La Jolla

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