There’s no need to travel for a massage; Spa2Go is on the move

Clients of one La Jolla business don’t have to leave their homes or offices to be pampered in a style befitting a day spa.

Spa2Go is a La Jolla-based mobile service offering all manner of treatments. It’s like a house call for aeromatherapy, said Chris Cassidy, president of Spa2Go.

Spa2Go massage therapists, estheticians and nail technicians travel wherever needed to create an entire spa experience, bringing along everything from music to set the tone to the enticing smell of aromatherapy candles.

“Most people simply don’t take time to relax,” said Cassidy. “That’s why stress is an epidemic in our country. Instead, we should learn from the Europeans who take time for themselves. With our mobile day spa service, clients can now combat their stress by making one phone call.”

Spa2Go works on individuals or in group sessions. They visit offices, hotel rooms and homes and serve everyone from expectant mothers to corporate employees to entire bridal parties.

The company also offers package deals for special occasions, including a charity party package.

“Say a group of women want to get togther for treatments, but want to give some of the money back to a charity like the American Cancer Society,” said Cassidy. “We give 10 percent of the proceeds to that charity of their choice.”

Spa2Go is actually an offshoot of another business, Cassidy’s Massage Clinic, which specializes in deep tissue sports massage.

“Our sister company is Spa2Go,” Cassidy said. “We have it on a van. We come in and do massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and body treatments all in the comfort of the person’s home.”

Cassidy said he is a trailblazer in the field. There are no other mobile spa companies in San Diego.

“It’s very new,” he said.

Typical treatments are hour-long therapeutic massages or aromatherapy facials. Also available are salt or sugar scrubs, heat wraps, specialty massages like hot stones and manicures and pedicures. Prices for typical spa services are $45 for a manicure and $55 for a pedicure.

Spinning off Spa2Go from a sport massage business was a natural progression. People’s lives are getting busier with less time for themselves. Cassidy recognized a niche and seized the moment.

“It was a demand issue,” he said. “People were asking for it. People wanted us to serve them in their home or a more convenient place where they didn’t have to get in their car and drive home afterwards.”

The way Spa2Go service for a hotel works is simple. A guest calls in and a company coordinator sets up a treatment appointment. A team of specialists is then dispatched to perform the spa services.

Hotels served by Spa2Go include Hotel La Jolla and the Grande Colonial.

Sandy Gallo, director of sales at Empress Hotel in La Jolla, is in the process of finalizing a contract with Spa2Go to furnish her hotel’s guests with spa services.

“We get people coming out for the weekend, like wedding guests, who just want to do something romantic,” Gallo said, “something in the privacy of their suite. It gives the hotel another personal touch. That’s what they want. This is something we think will work at our hotel.”

For more information about Spa2Go, 8950 Villa La Jolla Drive, Suite B, call (858) 657-0046 or visit