Then & Now: Historic bank lost, new banks arrive

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The corner of Girard and Silverado, c. 1969, was still anchored by First National Bank. The building was designed by architect Richard Requa and erected in 1929. The adjacent corner was occupied by the dealership. The bank was torn down in 1972 and is now home to two new banks - Wachovia Securities and Union Bank of California. The adjacent corner is occupied by Washington Mutual.


What other historic buildings is Richard Requa known for?


The Balboa Park Buildings: Richard Requa (1881-1941) Best known for invitingly grand Spanish-Moorish-style houses and Balboa Park exposition buildings with courtyard gardens, he also worked in New Mexico’s pueblo-style. Requa designed or supervised the seamless development of parts of Kensington, which remains one of San Diego’s most admired, best preserved Spanish Revival neighborhoods.