Then & Now: Cave Store still a draw


The La Jolla Cave store opened its doors in 1903, an enterprise of early la Jollan Gustav Schulz who dug steps down to Sunny Jim Cave and started charging visitors admission. For many years later it was operated as La Jolla Cave and Shell Shop. The shell shop closed in 1998 but the store, 1325 Cave St., continues today as a gift and curio operation as well as entrance to the famous Sunny Jim.

TRIVIA: The La Jolla Cave store overlooks how many caves?

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The Coastal Bluffs in 1903 - This is the area which the Cave Store overlooks and where seven caves burrow into the cliff walls. One of which, the largest cave, was made accessible by land through a man made tunnel under the direction of retiree and artist Gustauf Schultz. The cave was later named “the Sunny Jim Cave” after a cereal mascot whose profile matched that of the cave opening.