The Save La Jolla Post Office Task Force needs YOU next Thursday, April 26!



Since the U.S. Postal Service announced in January its plans to sell the busy and beloved La Jolla Post Office building at 1140 Wall St. and relocate its services elsewhere in town, hundreds of residents have come forward to fight the closure under the direction of the Save La Jolla Post Office Task Force. The Force is one to be reckoned with but it needs your support at a face-to-face meeting with postal officials 6 p.m. next Thursday, April 26 at The Cuvier Club, 7776 Eads Ave. Speaker slips will be provided to allow everyone a chance to voice their concerns.

In the meantime, posters, fliers and postcards are available at the La Jolla Historical Society offices (7846 Eads Ave.) to spread the word about the meeting. Quantities of promotional materials may be picked up and distributed in neighborhoods, coffee shops, grocery stores, etc. There are also petitions ready for those who can solicit signatures protesting the closure (600 already and counting) for the April 26 meeting. Learn more at

If you want to help preserve a bit of historic La Jolla for generations to come, now’s the time to lend a hand. Consider this fitting quote by Sir Winston Churchill, “We shape our buildings; thereafter, our buildings shape us.”

Why bother to Save the La Jolla Post Office building?

We put this question to members of the Task Force at its April 13 committee meeeting. Here are a few of the responses:

“For tourism, primarily. I walk into The Village daily and one of the most frequent questions tourists ask me is, ‘Where is the post office?’ It really is a big, important step for us.”

Carolyn De Moss

“What makes a community unique is the history of its buildings and its location, and if you take away all the old buildings in La Jolla, you might as well be in Carmel Valley.”

Ellen Merewether

“The La Jolla Post Office is an iconic presence in the center of The Village and represents what all is good about La Jolla.”

Joe LaCava

“It’s the center of The Village from an economic standpoint. It’s just, delightfully, a very attractive building.”

Tom Brady

“My favorite thing about The Village is that you never have to leave. So if there’s no post office, you might actually have an excuse to go somewhere.”

Athina Singer