The ‘Public Option’ a good thing for local merchants



No, the topic isn’t health insurance, but a solution for what ails the Village.

Rather than wait for all the issues to be resolved, the City of San Diego proposes to step in, reinstate the Business Improvement District (BID) and manage it themselves. No local manager as in the past, but a local advisory board instead.

Why? So the Village merchants can get back to their self-financed effort to restore the luster of the Village and keep it an attractive place for La Jollans to shop, dine, obtain services and do business. Why am I talking about this? Because we as a community need to step up and support this proposal. The city needs to hear from us that the BID is important to La Jolla and that we need it now. I think the “public option” is a brilliant idea and will be supporting it. I hope you will too.

As we discuss longer-term solutions let us thank those leaders, volunteers and generous donors that have stepped in during the interim to keep vital programs going. A big thank you goes out to Glen Rasmussen and all the members of the Streetscape Committee.

We have almost reached our target on the fundraiser for the Seasons Greeting and street light banners. Check for a list of donors as well as how to donate. Any donation small or large will help.

Speaking of the Village, kudos to those involved in selecting the new acorn-style streetlights — a fabulous replacement that retains the charm of the Village.

Switching neighborhoods, Bird Rock is grateful to once again have hosted a safe and fun Halloween for literally thousands of kids. Whether it was the window painting or trick-or-treating, some very special volunteers came together to assure that this was the best Halloween yet.

In addition to shopping locally in the Village don’t forget the 100 merchants in Bird Rock. Keep up to date on Bird Rock community events at

Last, a reminder to check your membership in the La Jolla Community Planning Association. If you are not a member please consider joining; it only takes attending one meeting and completing a simple form. If your membership expires in February renew by simply attending one of our monthly meetings before then.

Information on membership and meetings is available at www.LaJolla

Joe LaCava chairs the La Jolla Community Planning Association and the Bird Rock Community Council.