The Preuss School


By Melanie Dumalag

Editor-in-chief, Yearbook

My senior year at The Preuss School was far from uneventful. The celebration of national and local recognition in combination with scandal and doubted validity of our student achievement both took its toll on every Preuss student’s social and academic life. In terms of student reaction, these events did nothing more that bind us closer together. We defended our accomplishments, hard work, and dedication to our college-bound futures in a humble but powerful manner.

Students at the Preuss School had to mature quickly, especially our seniors from the class of 2008, over this school year. We had to learn to keep our heads up in times when outside critics jumped on the chance to degrade what we have earned. Children as young as the sixth grade had to adjust to new administrative changes that affected our daily lives as students. And seniors constantly worried about the aftermath of our school’s wrong judgment, in that it could have possibly affected our college acceptances. But these troubling accusations couldn’t keep us at a low point for too long. Our resilience as mature young people and our determination to prove critics wrong allowed us to reach goals we never knew we could achieve. Being named one of the top high schools in America by “Newsweek” reassured that our students were indeed achieving great things.

Being the editor of our yearbook, I was given the opportunity to document this year for all students and friends of the Preuss School. I got to experience the events first hand, and it has allowed me and my staff to include a positive outlook on all the happenings of this year. Our theme “Ours Run Deep” exemplifies the maturity and growth of our students. It refers to our roots, background, and our foundation for life.

The metaphor we compared our students to was a tree, with deeply embedded roots. Our entire student body is a part of this growing tree, extending our branches into society and making that difference. Preuss is our foundation of humble roots.

Preuss School graduation is June 27.