The party animals go on the prowl for rainforest fund-raiser

It was a jungle out there when about 400 party animals gathered at the La Jolla estate of Laleh and Alex Roudi to raise funds for the Rainforest Alliance.

Supporters showed up at the masquerade ball sporting elaborate costumes including witch doctor attire, animal printed loincloths, sexy sarongs and all manner of safari wear.

The grounds of the mansion were decorated with leopard spots and zebra stripes, jungle torches, tropical flowers and an ice sculpture of a toucan.

Latin sounds and relentless drumming kept the revelers in motion, when they were not grazing on an array of delightful culinary offerings and the beat went on until the wee hours of the morning.

La Jollans on hand included Debby Jacobs, Hal Jacobs, Drew Smith, Kerri Anderson, Nariman Afkhami, Melinda Moss, Kimberly Afkhami, Masoud Ladjevardian, Eric Zimmer, Rashid Sichpoosh, Sima Ladjevardian and Ana Siahpoosh.