Business Spotlight: Let ‘The Maids’ of San Diego home-cleaning service help this holiday


With all the added commotion the holidays bring, house cleaning can become a dreaded task that many people would rather avoid. Thanks to The Maids, a San Diego house-cleaning service, holiday plans can take center focus while professional cleaners attend to the home’s needs.

“During the holidays, people have family and friends coming over and better things to do than clean,” said Erik Tello, Maids manager. “We offer a cleaning service that is thorough, convenient and as healthful as possible.”

Each Maid’s team of four uniformed trained, licensed, bonded and insured cleaners has had two weeks of instruction with company products to learn how to clean efficiently. “They start cleaning left to right and top to bottom, and each team has a supervisor who checks the quality of their work,” Tello said.

Four maids visit each home in a company car with all necessary cleaning products and equipment. “Our cleaning products are unscented and water-based with no harsh chemicals in their solutions, and our staff knows how to use them correctly,” Tello said.

After the team enters a home, each maid focuses on a particular room or function. A maid cleaning a room will provide either a surface cleaning or a more in-depth move in or out cleaning.

“For example,” Tello explained, “a maid providing a surface cleaning of the kitchen will wipe down the surfaces, disinfect them and do light organizing. A move in or out cleaning would also involve tackling the cabinets inside and the appliances.”

The bathroom maid cleans and disinfects all surfaces to prevent soap and hard-water stain buildup, while another team member focuses on dusting and cleaning the door frames, windowsills and baseboards in the living room area and/or common areas. The vacuum maid clears cobwebs and sweeps and mops floors as needed.

Maid service pricing is dependent on the size of the home and its original condition. Customers can select a cleaning schedule based on their home’s needs.

“Monday through Friday, our team goes into a home as quickly as possible, so we don’t interrupt the customer’s day,” Tello said. “We service 165 clients on a regular basis, and are trusted with the security of their homes; we use a lock box.” Founded in 1997, The Maids has 14 employees.

The Maids are based at 9929 Hibert St., Suite G, San Diego, but service most areas of San Diego County.

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