The Jewel needs some polishing

By Earl Van Inwegen

President, La Jolla Town Council

One of our Town Council Trustees, in response to resident complaints, conducted a photo survey of the frontages of selected La Jolla business establishments and shops. Several of our Trustees reviewed the photos and were very disappointed at what we observed.

There were illegal plastic or cloth hanging banners on shop frontages, fixed signs on building fronts which exceeded sign sizing limits, temporary “sandwich board” signs in front of stores or shops, illegal For Rent and For Sale signs, accent colors which were not consistent with building colors, lighted exterior signs, shiny or reflective signs, and even building and awning colors which were clashing and unattractive.

That is quite a shopping list of unattractive features in our business district that tarnish the Jewel image of our Village downtown area. The Town Council encourages business owners to review the La Jolla Planned District Ordinance for detailed sign, building modification, change of use and advertising specifications and take the initiative to correct violations where they exist. The ordinance is tailored from the San Diego Municipal Code and is monitored by the La Jolla PDO Committee, formed by members of Promote La Jolla, La Jolla town Council, Community Planning Organization and Bird Rock Community Council.