The hole story: ‘Dastardly dips’ make driving difficult in La Jolla

By Stefan R. Garcia-Valentin


It’s no easy feat driving La Jolla Parkway these days — especially during rush hour. Sometimes it seems like we need special training to dodge the numerous potholes pockmarking the road.

We checked to see just how many of those dastardly dips we could find. What’s your best guess? We found at least 30, depending on which way we went — uphill or downhill. We took two routes in, from Highway 52 and Interstate 5, and two ways out, from Hidden Valley Road and coming down from Mount Soledad.

Whether they’re big holes that are half-covered with cement after repairs failed or the budding new ones, you’ll find the effort particularly exasperating when there is heavy traffic.

It is indeed an accomplishment if you manage to avoid all of the potholes, which can be an almost impossible task. You can try with a slight turn of your wheel, but other times, so many trying that tactic may put you in harm’s way.Or there’s always the risk of not seeing them at all and ending up with a flat tire as one retired La Jollan told us happened to him. And when he pulled in to wait for a tow truck, there was another driver in the same boat.And you can’t escape the divots on side roads, either. Roads that connect to La Jolla Parkway such as Via Capri and Hidden Valley are covered with bumps, potholes and cracks of all sizes. (Nor can you get past them just by going farther into the Village or the Shores.)A drive near the Mount Soledad Memorial will surely not be an easy ride. But the cracks and bumps of La Jolla Scenic Drive South are no comparison to those at Via Capri, where one-third of the road is uneven and severely damaged with more than seven poorly cemented potholes.
You may have dodged the dips on your way in or out of your neighborhood or on the way to your favorite supermarket, shop or the shore.Let us know your “favorite” pothole story.

  1. We’ll put together a list and share it with our councilwoman and find out what’s being done about repairs.

Stefan R. Garcia-Valentin is freelance writer from La Jolla.