The gift of giving

By Earl Van Inwegan

President, La Jolla Town Council

Once again, the residents of La Jolla and its friends have come through in a pinch. First came the Fourth of July Fireworks, then our Village holiday decorations and the La Jolla Holiday Parade. In spite of a down economy and increasing unemployment, donations came in and our events were better than ever.

Many thanks to Ann Kerr Bache and her team of dedicated volunteers who made the parade a huge success. I was impressed at the organization, preparation and execution of the parade, and as a participant in the parade, the numbers and enthusiasm of the crowds was heartwarming, especially the children, both those participating in the parade and in the crowds. The parade truly lived up to its title — “Christmas Through the Eyes of a Child.”

In my half year as president of the Town Council, I have new respect for the Village and its residents.

Being an integral part of the city of San Diego has its benefits and its disadvantages. I’m not so sure that being part of a larger bureaucracy is an advantage, especially as finances get tighter and larger projects such as a new library, city hall and the ever-present threat of a new downtown stadium are on the fiscal horizon. On the other hand, our local ordinances are many times threatened by the larger bureaucracy that has either self-interests or can be swayed by unions, donations or conflicting directives.

“No Third Story” comes to mind, which is hopefully a done deal, but again had to rely on the charity of our Village residents.

More than 40 years ago, we were introduced to La Jolla through friends and I thank the military for sending me to San Diego for graduate school. Our children went to the Bird Rock schools and throughout the remainder of my career we knew that we had a home to come back to in La Jolla for retirement and gracious living.

While many things have changed, the charm of the Village and the generosity and grace of its residents have not changed. Thank you La Jollans!