The eyes have it: New salon

Business partners Jeannie Owens and Kristina Schuff recently opened an eyelash extension salon on Fay Avenue. The name of their business is a real eye-opener.

“We call it Lash Out,” said Owens. “We thought it would be a really cool name, something that would catch everyone’s attention.”

The business pair own a mobile day spa business, A Puur Spa Company, that they started about four years ago. The eyelash salon is a natural extension of their primary business.

“We decided it would be a great service to offer,” Owens said, “but we both wanted to do it ourselves. We didn’t want to do it mobile. So we decided to open a studio.”

The decision to locate Lash Out in La Jolla was an easy one for Owens, who fell in love with the Jewel’s commercial district after driving by the Fay Center and seeing its dozen or so ideally situated suites in the heart of the downtown Village.

“It’s a great little networking area as well,” said Owens, “with a lot of hair salons, spas, nail places and a bridal shop across from a jewelry store.”

It doesn’t hurt that La Jolla has a decent tourist crowd or that women of all ages in the Jewel invest in their beauty. Young or older, Owens said women love having longer, more lustrous eyelashes.

The synthetic extensions are from a company named Xtreme Lashes and look like the real thing.

“With the extensions, you achieve a natural look,” Owens said. “They don’t look fake. You will not be able to tell if a woman has extensions on.”

Xtreme Lashes semi-permanent extensions not only look like the real thing, they last just as long. Synthetic eyelashes are bonded to natural lashes with a waterproof bonding agent. They fall out with the natural lashes, which grow and shed on a 30- to 45-day cycle.

Eyelash extensions take up to two and a half hours to apply. Cost varies with the number of lashes used. It’s $150 to have 25 lashes applied, $195 for 35 lashes and 40 or more lashes are $250.

Eyelash extensions do require maintenance, with clients needing to come in for infill touchups every two to four weeks. Eyelash extension touchups run $40 for a half-hour, $75 an hour.

Many of Lash Out’s clients, like Lauren Farrell who lives in Orange County and works in San Diego, and Lisa Cachola of Vista, go far out of their way to come to La Jolla regularly to have their lashes done specifically by Owens or Schuff.

“I come from acting, working in the film industry,” said Farrell, “and I’ve been doing lash extensions for quite a few years. (Owens is) the best, and I’ve had them done by a Hollywood makeup artist who did all the lashes for ‘Memoirs of a Geisha.’ She didn’t do nearly as well as Jeannie did. It’s amazing.”

For many reasons, Farrell decided to have eyelash extensions done regularly.

“I don’t like wearing mascara,” she said. “If somebody wants not to have to wear mascara or if they don’t wear a lot of makeup, it’s a really nice thing to have done. It’s fun. It looks good. It’s a way to be glamorous even without makeup on.”

Farrell finds having her eyelashes extended to be a soothing experience.

“It’s not stressful, it’s not painful,” she said. “It’s actually relaxing.”

Cachola first heard about Lash Out from a blurb in a fashion magazine. She tracked Owens and Schuff down and has been traveling down to La Jolla since April on Saturdays periodically to have the procedure done ever since.

“I think they are phenomenal,” she said. “You can’t see where they are bonded. They’re a timesaver in the morning.”

Cachola cautioned that those who’ve had their eyelashes extended need to be careful not to use any oil-based products around their eyes, otherwise the bond between synthetic and natural lashes will be loosened. Other than that, she said, caring for them is a breeze.

Eyelash extension is catching on, according to Owens. “It’s still fairly new, the public just doesn’t know about it yet. But it’s becoming very popular.”

Lash Out does eyeleash extensions by appointment only.

Lash Out is in the Fay Center at 7760 Fay Ave., Suite N. For more information call (858) 205-3763 or (858) 205-7887 or visit