The buzz in Bird Rock

Editor’s note: The fifth-graders in Ginny Rowe’s class at Bird Rock Elementary School were given an assignment to report on and write a feature story. Today we publish stories by Lili Davis and Pierce Mayne, picked as two of the best by classmates.

Starbucks Coffee in Bird Rock is a nice place to relax with a great cup of coffee or get some work done. Located at the corner of La Jolla Boulevard and Forward Street, Starbucks is a neighborhood gathering place for Bird Rock residents.

Many people come for the coffee and a snack; others come to work on their laptops. I noticed a lady working on her computer and asked her why she chooses to work here. She said, “It’s a nice place and they have everything I need: electricity for my computer, coffee, snacks and a bathroom.” She told me that she works from home, but when her family is there, it’s hard to get anything done, so she comes to Starbucks. When you buy a Starbucks card for a minimum of $5 and use it at least twice a month, you can have two consecutive hours of Wi-Fi Internet access everyday.

When I visited this Starbucks, I met Hailey, a friendly employee behind the counter. She told me she likes her job because it’s really close to her home, and she enjoys getting to know some of the regular customers. Hailey said her job is never boring and she gets to drink free coffee. Starbucks in Bird Rock opened in 2004 and quickly became a favorite neighborhood hangout. Before Starbucks was at this location, there was a candy store in this spot.

Bird Rock resident Sherry Macelli visits this Starbucks two to three times a week. When she walks in, most of the employees already know her drink order because she’s a “regular.” Sherry likes to hang out with friends at Starbucks and often uses it as a place to have meetings with other moms regarding school or sports events. She also appreciates the easy access to parking along La Jolla Boulevard.

The Starbucks in Bird Rock is very successful; one way it gives back to the community is by giving out free bags of leftover coffee grounds for your garden. The coffee grounds work like a rich fertilizer to help your garden grow. Another way it gives back to the world community is by selling Ethos Water. The money raised from sales of this water helps give kids around the world access to clean water. Kids in Africa, Asia and Latin America and their communities are helped from this program. Not only does the Starbucks in Bird Bock give back to the local area, it gives back to the world.