The Bishop’s School


By Katie Watkins

Co-editor, The Tower

When I look back at my first day at Bishop’s, I realize it was really not that long that I stood on the terrace in my awkwardly long black-watch plaid skirt struggling with my new locker combination and staring at the rotating schedule that looked so complicated I was positive I would never make it to where I was supposed to be on time. But don’t worry; this isn’t about to turn into a Hallmark card, commenting on how quickly the time passes by and how the first day feels like yesterday. Unlike most of my fellow students who began their time at Bishop’s in seventh or ninth grade, I was 16 (almost 17) and a junior.

Although I was only at Bishop’s for two years, I still believe I underwent the true Bishop’s experience. A huge part of what makes Bishop’s unique is its size, which creates a close-knit community where everybody knows everybody (although admittedly, that’s not always a good thing). Although there are different groups on campus, the degree to which cliques define who you are and whom you can hang out with is much less than at most schools.

At graduation, I actually knew everyone whose name was called to receive a diploma. And, I did not just know their names, but also bonded with many of my classmates, whether that included making a newspaper prom dress at retreat, hanging out in the senior rec room or sharing the amazing senior food.

The defining moment of our class coming together was at the end of junior year when, in a last attempt to win the Johnston cup, a spirit competition among the different grades, we all wore orange and during lunch pushed lunch tables together so that our entire class could eat lunch at the same time. It was during this lunch that our “20! 08!” cheer was patented, a cheer that would continue at random times during our last year together.

Not only did I form close bonds with my classmates but also with my teachers. There is a wide array of classes offered at Bishop’s, and the teachers are really passionate about their classes.

Because of this, interaction with your teachers does not stop at the end of class. I have developed close relationships with several of my teachers who I know I will keep in contact with for years to come.

Looking back at my past two years at Bishop’s I realize that switching schools was one of the best decisions I could have made. The friendships I have made will last throughout college and hopefully beyond. And, whether it was reading a copy of the Daily Urinal, cheering with the Dungeon or watching an amazing performing arts production, I know I will always have Bishop’s memories. Go Knights!

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