The Best of the Best: 5 Essential Home Decorating Ideas for the Discriminating Shopper


By Symphony Moussighi, Symphony Home Decor & Design

When it comes to the interior of your home, nothing speaks more beautifully than décor featuring bold, exciting accent pieces and rich fabrics suited to your personal style. For discriminating shoppers, it takes more than the average piece of furniture to transform a room.

Directly from

House Beautiful 101 Decorating Ideas

, here are my top 5 picks for making the most of any room – from shabby chic to modern elegance, these décor ideas are essential to creating beauty inside your home.

1 Curtains

Curtains can add drama, romance, sophistication or sleek modernism to the interior of your home. And when you choose high-quality fabrics,


can instantly update and transform your room. To get started on revamping your window treatments, choose complementing fabric styles to make the most of your overall décor. For a shabby chic look, try fabric prints in toile, gingham or floral patterns. For a gorgeous antique look, old-world prints on tapestry fabric lend a sophisticated air. Modern, transitional or traditional looks can be achieved with solid fabrics made from luxurious silk, shantung or velvet fabric.

2 Pillows

When you choose custom-made pillows for your home, the look is instantly that of sophistication and beauty. The

“Fennel” pillow

is a classic yet modern choice – it’s a beautifully updated pillow in a traditional bolster shape. With fringe accents placed at its center, this gorgeous pillow updates any chair with its neutral fabric and interesting details. For a subdued look, try something like the

“Grey Fog” pillow

-- perfect for transitional or traditional décor and instantly livens up a sofa when coupled with pillows in a solid shantung fabric. Shabby chic shoppers can fare well with the unique

“White Cherry”


“English Garden”

pillows. Modern decorators should choose

sleek pillows with leather touches


3 Splash of Red

House Beautiful recommends it and I do, too. A splash of red in your home is an excellent way to liven up your space and add drama to an otherwise bland interior landscape. You can add red details in curtains, toss pillows or even picture frames and other small décor accent pieces. Check out how we used the color red to accent this beautiful Rose Stripe Coverlet. If you’re hesitant to add such a vibrant shade to your home, you should know that red is versatile when it comes to tone. For example, a subdued red with cooler, gray or blue tones can pair well with navy, black or taupe. On the other hand, an orange-red hue is perfect for gold, teals and cream-colored décor. For the best red for your home, come see us.

4 Antique Wall Paintings and Mirrors

Some of the loveliest décor treasures are antique mirrors and wall paintings. While new furniture pieces can still maintain the look and beauty of vintage flair, nothing is quite as authentic or decadent than true antique pieces. We are on the constant lookout for antique mirrors and wall paintings, so please feel free to

check our online inventory

for the very best in antique wall art and mirrors.

5 Dressed-up Tables

Add a touch of drama to your interior space with dressy tables accented with the perfect antique pieces and lovely, rich fabric. Instantly, your home can look luxurious and sophisticated with the right accent pieces. For the dining table, considering going bold with an antique crystal boudoir mantle lamp that sets the perfect mood no matter what style of décor you have. You can further dress up a table with tablecloths.

Stunning fabric

is an absolute must for transforming end, dining or even coffee tables.