Teen spots 14-foot-long great white shark in waters off WindanSea Beach in La Jolla, surfers cautioned

Channel 10 News reported Thursday night (Oct. 17) that a teen encountered a great white shark while fishing a couple miles off WindanSea Beach in La Jolla.

Shark expert Patrick Douglas confirmed the sighting when shown the teen’s video. Douglas told 10News there are a good number of great whites currently feeding in the waters off the San Diego coast and surfers and swimmers should be on alert. “If you’re a surfer early morning surfs and late afternoon surfs -- I’d put that aside for the next two months,” Douglas said. “I know that most surfers don’t listen to that, but word to the wise do not surf in the morning, do not surf late at night.”

The teen fisherman reported that he was cruising on his boat looking for yellowtail when he came across a giant pool of blood and a half-eaten harbor seal. He could not believe his eyes when the shark surfaced and whipped its tail.

Shark expert Douglas said it is the time of here for the sharks to preying on harbor seals,” they’re getting fat, they’re getting ready for a big migration which happens in December and January.”