Tap Fever hosts dance fund-raiser

La Jollans will have an opportunity to see a showcase of different dance styles and local celebrities in the show “Feel the Rhythm” on July 15, a fund-raiser for the charity Passion for K.I.D.S.

“Feel the Rhythm” will be presented by Tap Fever Salutes, the sister company of Tap Fever Studios, a La Jolla-based dance studio that is San Diego’s only studio specializing in the art of tap dance. The company’s mission is to bring the art of dance tap to the community through performance while raising money for local charities. Tap Fever Salutes is made up of instructors and students at Tap Fever Studios and also offers scholarships to children who cannot afford dance classes. “Feel the Rhythm” will be the first of the group’s fundraising performances, and they hope many more will follow.

According to Larisa Hall, who is the owner of Tap Fever Studios and director of Tap Fever Salutes, the show will primarily feature tap dance, but will also include other dance forms as well. “There’s a lot of variety in the show,” said Hall. “It’s primarily tap, but we have a handful of classes that most people would have a hard time finding anywhere else, like body percussion, spoons [a percussive dance using two spoons held back to back that are struck against the legs and hands], hula, folklorico, [Mexican folk dancing] so you’ll see a lot of that in the show as well. So it’ll be really interesting and really fun.”

“It’s going to be a really exciting show,” said Hall of the production. “It’s going to be really fun and the proceeds are going for a really good cause. If for no other reason than to help kids that need help, and at the same time you’ll be getting a really great show.”

“Feel the Rhythm” will also feature some local celebrities. The master of ceremonies will be CS Keys, a sports anchor from the local Fox station, and KUSI news anchor Sasha Foo will also be performing a tap dance. The audience will also be treated to a tap dance performance by third-year Chargers cornerback Cletis “Flash” Gordon and his girlfriend. Raffle tickets will also be sold by members of the Charger Girls, and will include tickets to a show at the Lyceum, a two hour fashion consultation, CDs and T-shirts from a local musician, tickets for a show at the Belly Up Tavern and a free tour of KUSI studios.

Hall said a main highlight of the evening will be “seeing people that you wouldn’t expect to see dancing, like Sasha Foo. You don’t see her doing that every day, you see her giving you the news. You don’t normally see a Charger tap dancing, you see him playing football. So it’s kind of neat to see people that look familiar out of their element.”

While performance opportunities for students at most dance studios is most often limited to yearly recitals, Hall wanted to give her students an opportunity to give back to the community and perform at the same time. “Performing is fun, but you can do something good for someone else at the same time, that’s even better,” Hall said. Tap Fever Salutes’ next benefit performance will be on August 18 at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, and the proceeds will go to the San Diego Fire Rescue Department.

A portion of the proceeds from “Feel the Rhythm” will be donated to Passion 4 K.I.D.S. (Kids in Desperate Situations), an organization that helps children who are homeless, abandoned or neglected. The charity was started by a man in San Diego who was inspired to start the organization because of his childhood growing up in a state-run orphanage in Amsterdam, Holland during World War II, where he often had to survive by eating flower bulbs. Passion 4 K.I.D.S is funded by his vitamin company Passion 4 Life. Cletis Gordon, along with several other Chargers are co-owners of Passion 4 Life Vitamins and are also involved with Passion 4 K.I.D.S.

“Feel the Rhythm” will be held at the David and Dorothea Garfield Theater on Thursday, July 15 at 7 p.m. Cocktail attire is suggested. Tickets are $12 and can be purchased from the theater at 858-362-1348. Tickets can also be purchased from Tap Fever Studios at 858-456-7301. For more information about Tap Fever Studios, visit

Contact Tap Fever Studios if you are interested in making a contribution to Tap Fever Salutes and receiving a free advertisement in show programs as well as free dance classes. Donations will be used for venue rental, costumes, technical crew, music downloads, rehearsal time and miscellaneous fees.