Ta-da! Here are the Spike and Mike ticket winners

In exchange for two free tickets to the Spike and Mike animation festival coming up at the Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla (details on B5), we asked readers to come up with spoofs of The Jewel. Here are the winners! Their tickets are on the way!

Whatever ...

by Libby Hewes

I think the best Spike and Mike spoof on La Jolla would be someone trying to drive down Prospect with La Jollans jaywalking across the street every 2 feet. Stops and starts, stops and starts, waiting for bejeweled matrons and their tiny purse dogs, waiting for crotchety elders with canes and walkers, waiting for preoccupied businessmen with cell phones and Starbucks cups, waiting for groups of gawking tourists gazing around in wonder, waiting for delivery trucks to deliver and be gone, waiting for a few seals to flop their way across the street ... then the driver just decides to put down the top on his convertible, recline his seat way back, take out a sun reflector and relax. Long live Spike and Mike!

Some things never change ... by Tricia Butler

I would have a Spike and Mike short showing a 100-year snapshot history of La Jolla using some sort of time machine for characters to go back and forth in. During each era, I’d show things relevant to that period (disco for the ‘70s, malts and big cars for the ‘50s) yet I’d also show people STILL arguing over the seals and lack of parking. I’d also throw in some references as to where the first “roundabout” came from (and what happened to its creators) and maybe a business owner with the first rug shop ever opened on Prospect Street with a “Going Out of Business” sale sign.

Beach boys and babes ...

by Irene Kuster McCann

One thing Spike and Mike could spoof about La Jolla is the fact that accomplished professionals are hidden behind surf wear, flip-flops, and a sunny SoCal dialect. The person who says, “Duuuuude. Did you see that wave?” by morning, is the same person who lectures at UCSD or manages hundreds of thousands of dollars in a very successful hedge fund by night. La Jolla and its residents are a constant reminder that we should try to not judge a book by its cover. Right, dudes?

Alien invasion ...

by Sheri Cohen

My suggestion for a Spike and Mike spoof of La Jolla is a focus on how native La Jollans (especially those who have been here for multiple generations) see the rest of the residents as aliens from another planet. And since they alienate those they don’t see fitting in, those, that is, who have not surfed “Windn” (Sea) or belong to certain philanthropic organizations, the image is oddly appropriate. They think aliens have invaded La Jolla!