Surfing jokes with a side of motivation


Why didn’t the skeleton catch the wave? Because he did not have any guts!

No guts no growth. Unlike the skeleton, surfers have the guts to take chances. Surfers that take a chance advance, those that don’t, don’t. Sure a surfer risks wiping out every time he takes a chance, but wipeouts can be a positive thing. The best learning experiences can come from the worst wipeouts. Should a surfer keep wiping out, sooner or later he will get tired of wiping out, figure it out, make an adjustment and go on to ride successfully. It is better to surf and wipe out than to never surf at all. A good rule of thumb when it comes to deciding to take a risk or not is to ask yourself, “does the reward outweigh the consequence?” When it comes to taking risks, experienced surfers try to be calculated rather than haphazard. Better than sheer guts is brains - that skeleton has neither.

Why don’t surfers play cards in the ocean? Because there are two many card sharks!

Ha ha that’s not true. There is no such thing as a card shark - at least in the ocean. There are, however, all kinds of sharks: big sharks, small sharks, man-eating sharks, harmless sharks, sharks that can swim in fresh water like the bull shark, sharks like the hammer head (Sphyma Mokarran) that look outerworldly, and of course the Great White shark, which has a reputation far worse than its bite. Mankind kills far more sharks than sharks kill mankind. Great white sharks are not out to attack humans. Silly surfer - surfers don’t play cards in the ocean because they are too busy surfing!

Why is the ocean a friendly place? Because anytime you get lonely you can wave and the ocean will wave back!

The surfer that treats other surfers with kindness and respect is most likely to be treated with kindness and respect. The ocean waves, whether we wave at it or not. You may be a good surfer or you may not be; either way, the ocean just keeps waving away, saying come and surf if you desire.

The world may not be the friendliest place. This should not stop anyone from trying to be friendly. No harm in trying. In fact, if everyone tried to be friendlier, the world would be a better place. What if instead of surfing contests there were contests to be the friendliest citizen, community or country? That would be cool.

What did the girl wave say after a thousand-mile trip to the beach? Sea shore she would never do it again. After being on the shore for a while, the girl wave got tired of standing still and returned to the ocean to travel once more. What the girl wave found out was, although traveling all those miles was hard work, she actually enjoyed it and wanted to do it again. The reward of reaching a destination is the journey it takes to get there. What did the boy wave say to the girl wave? I am very happy to sea you!

Why didn’t the surfer ride the glassy waves? Because he heard they were breaking!

Crazy surfer, glassy waves are best when they are breaking! When the waves are glassy, that means they are so smooth a surfer can see his reflection in them. Reflect on this; just because someone says something is impossible or cannot be achieved, doesn’t automatically make it true. Well, to be fair, it may be true for the person speaking, but it doesn’t have to be true for you unless you accept it as true. To a great extent, reality is defined by perception. One surfer’s small wave can be another surfer’s big wave. How did the surfer get all covered up with pickles? He got stuck in a barrel!

What did the wave say to the surfer? Have a swell time!

On the way to greatness, many surfers forget surfing is supposed to be fun. In surfing, it’s not so much whether a surfer makes or doesn’t make a wave. It’s about whether he has a good time surfing. A good idea in life is to try and enjoy more and complain less. One can find more reasons than all the grains of sand combined on all the beaches of the world to complain about and be grumpy if they think hard enough. One need only find one reason to be happy.

Why did the wave feel lucky? Because he was on a roll! Aloha