Surfer’s beauty-tip secrets


Would you like to look and feel your personal best without spending an arm and a leg on beauty aids and procedures? Would you like to find out how to acquire and maintain that ever-youthful inner and outer glow that people find irresistibly attractive?

Most people would agree surfers as a whole are a pretty good-looking lot. That’s not to say every surfer is as good looking as say Johnny Depp or Angelina Jolie, but rather that there is no denying the ocean helps surfers look and feel their personal best. There is something about surfers, an inner as well an outer glow, a natural beauty that people find really attractive.

Look and feel your best by utilizing the following natural and free beauty secrets of the surfers. Results are instantaneous. Practice these surfer’s beauty tips and in just one day you will look and feel better. In one week, you could look and feel like a whole new person and a real natural beauty.

Exercise. Part of looking good is feeling good. Just 15 minutes of exercise every day is proven beneficial over the long term of a person’s life. Regular exercise helps relieve stress and promote a positive sense of well-being. Part of what keeps surfers healthy is all the paddling they do in-between riding waves. Paddling helps to enhance a surfer’s physique and muscle tone. The benefits of regular paddling can never be underestimated. The same goes for walking. Walking is one of the most natural and effective ways for a person to exercise. Run, skip, jump or paddle it’s not so important what you do as long as you are doing something. Exercise is equally beneficial for the mind as well as body and goes a long way in helping one look their best.

Diet. What a surfer eats reflects on what a surfer looks like as well as his/her performance in and out of the water. As important as what a surfer eats is how much and when they eat. As much as possible, a surfer’s diet should be natural composed of healthy, locally attained fresh foods. The secret to feeling and looking good is to never eat to excess or when you are not hungry.

Surfers don’t eat by the clock, they eat by their stomachs. A lot of surfing requires a lot of food; little surfing requires little food. Eating too much good food can be worse for a body than eating just a little junk food. Your body feels and looks lighter and your thoughts become clearer when you don’t over indulge in food. Speaking of thoughts, the thoughts a person puts in his/her mind are just as important as the food they put in their body. Positive thoughts are like vitamins for the mind. What a surfer thinks affects their looks just as much as what they eat.

Rest and relaxation. Surfing actually takes a lot of work just getting to the waves. No surfer can continuously surf without some rest and relaxation in between riding waves in and paddling back out.

A surfer who takes short breaks can stay out surfing for a long time without wearing themselves out. A little rest goes along way in rejuvenating a tired body or mind, for that matter. Sometimes if you’re thinking about something real hard and continuously about something important, it’s best to give it a break and then come back to it later with a fresh view.

Just like a surfer takes mini rests in between working the waves to regain strength and vitality, you can too. Every so often throughout the day calm the mind, take a deep-cleansing breath, relax, slowly let it all out and see just how good you feel afterwards. Think of this exercise as micro-beauty rests that have maximum rejuvenating results.

Have some fun in the sun. Surfers take advantage of their surrounding environment. Surfers spend a great deal of time outside having fun, rain or sunshine. So can you. Get outside, get some exposure to the elements and have some fun while you are at it. While overexposure to sunrays can be harmful, a little exposure to sunrays goes a long way toward maintaining a person’s good looks, health and mental well-being. People having fun tend to smile a lot and a smile goes a long way towards enhancing anyone’s looks, be they surfers or not.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When a surfer first begins surfing they do not have the capacity to fully see or appreciate the entire beauty of the ocean’s vast and ever-changing waves.

As time goes on and a surfer gains more experience, they begin to see each and every wave is unique, priceless and beautiful like no other. Just like the waves, everyone is beautiful in their own special way. We just have to see it for ourselves.

Practice seeing the inside beauty everyone possesses. The more we see the beauty in others, the easier it is to recognize and develop it in ourselves. What a person looks like on the inside directly affects what a person looks like on the outside. Good looks and outer beauty fade but inner beauty stays forever.

Look within and you will see, when the heart is in the right place, being beautiful happens naturally. Have a beautiful day, aloha.