Surfer’s Approved Eateries


San Diego County is well known to surfer’s world wide for its year round beautiful climate and high quality friendly waves. What is less known about San Diego are the number of truly great food establishments available to satisfy and nourish hungry surfers appetites. From Solana Beach to La Jolla, a surfer can find just about any kind of food he desires as long as he knows where to go.

Nothing beats a wholesome home cooked meal for nourishing a hungry surfer’s appetite, but there are times when a surfer needs to refuel quickly. There are also special occasions - say to celebrate a good day surfing or special moments with friends and family - when a surfer will decide to eat out.

Surfers can be very picky when it comes to choosing the right waves; they can be even more discriminating when it comes time to choosing just the right place to eat out. To help make the choice of where to eat out a little easier, the following list of high quality restaurants are surfer tried and thoroughly approved.

Starting in Solana Beach, Rudy’s Mexican food is really hard to top for both tasty food and inexpensive price (cheap). Located in historic Eden Gardens, Rudy’s, though not a full restaurant, offers everything a surfer could ever want to fuel up quickly on a surfer’s budget. Go hungry and leave full. Rudy’s is roughly a third less costly than the famous Mexican food establishments just up the road.

Not in the mood for Mexican food? How about Thai food? Just off highway 101, Bangkok Tai is the place to go. The owners from Thailand make sure every meal from the Evil Jungle Princess to Kung Pau Chicken is prepared with just the right spices and flavors. Bangkok Thai is a great place to go for a taste of authentic Thai food, and the desserts are really fabulous.

Pizza Port with its surfing themed ambiance and available micro brews is another surfer’s favorite. It is a great place to take the family or to hang out with your buddies. If you are over 21 years old and enjoy drinking good beer, Pizza Port is definitely worth checking out.

For Japanese food, the Sushi Station just a few doors down is perfect. The owner, who is from Japan and is also a surfer, makes sure the food is of the freshest, highest quality and really affordable. Great place for a hungry surfer to eat alone, take a date or go with friends.

When it comes to good restaurants in Solana Beach, one cannot forget Chief’s across from the train station. Owned by the Silstrap family, Chief’s offers burgers, signature fries and some of the best homemade Chile around and has a great family atmosphere. Incidentally, co-owner Jody Silstrap is one of the best surfers to ever come out of Solana Beach.

Moving south to Del Mar, Java Kai on the corner of highway 101 and 15th street is the place surfers and beach goers go for a taste of Hawaii and savory tropical smoothies. The best thing about Java Kai is it’s quick, affordable and nutritious. They also make great sandwiches.

Another good place for lunch is the popular Board and Brew sandwich shop. In the summer time, the line for Board and Brew is usually out the door. Their vegetarian sandwiches are almost a complete meal in themselves - as are the tuna, turkey and other sandwiches. Even if there is a line, the food is worth the wait, which usually is not long as service is really good.

For serious dining, Jakes on the beach - where surfers and non-surfers alike can watch the waves while they enjoy delicious food and beverages - is a dining experience in itself. Lunch at Jakes is generally no problem getting in, but on summer nights, it’s best to make a reservation.

Sabicca’s, located in between Java Kai and Jakes, is a must for real food lovers. Go all around the world twice and you will not find any better food than what is offered at Sabicca’s. By the way, rumor has it chef Susan Sabicca can be spotted surfing in Del Mar from time to time.

If you find yourself in or near beautiful La Jolla, find the Gold Fish Pointe Cafe across from La Jolla Cove. The breath taking view from Gold Fish Pointe Cafe is fantastic and so is the food. The best part is the casual atmosphere and the fact that you can bring a friend or a date without it costing an arm or a leg.

The family owned Living Room - open for lunch and dinner - is a great place to nourish the body and spend time with those you cherish. Quality food and beverages at surfer’s prices: What more could any one want? The Living Room is a local favorite and for good reasons. Try it and you might become a Living Room local yourself.

Finally on the list of surfer’s tried and approved restaurants are La Jolla’s highly recommended La Valencia and Georges at the cove. Swanky to say the least, La Valencia and Georges are the places you go to celebrate a stellar day of surfing, a special event. If you want to impress that special someone, it does not get any better than this.

And there you have it: From Rudy’s in Solana Beach to La Valencia in La Jolla, there is something to satisfy every hungry surfer. Support local restaurants and local business for local restaurants and businesses are the backbone of America and help keep America going. Bon Appetit!